Frequently Asked Questions

Is shipping included in the total?

No, shipping is based on weight and will be adjusted to the total once the item is printed.

How can I figure out the size of my sheet?

Please review file before sending for size of print. You can see the size of the sheet on a .pdf, by moving your cursor to the bottom left of the window. The page size that the sheet was saved in will appear.

What file types should I upload?

File types we can print: .pdf, .tif, .plt, dwf, .jpg The best is a .pdf

Upload multiple files?

Please have specifications combined into 1 .pdf file. Please note we cannot print Word documents. You can also zip up your folder and upload multiple files via the zip compression.

Do you support double sided specs?

Yes, if specifications are to be printed double-sided, please have them prepared with the necessary blanks inserted

Is shipping included?

No, printing and shipping are billed separately.

Color or graphics order?

If this is a color or graphics order for Phil, please send to [email protected]

Who do I contact for permitting?

For permitting, please contact us

How to send large files?

You may send large files to us via the link on our website.